Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year 2015

Like many people I have been thinking of 2015. I have plans. Oh yes I have plans. I plan to look again at my genealogy research (maybe attempt the Genealogy Do-Over); I plan to attempt the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks; I plan to write more of my history - hence the 52 Ancestors challenge.

I have found blogging a wonderful tool to focus myself on aspects of my family history and to form words around some of my family history. I think that putting the words out there I have thought much more about my ancestors. I have discovered more about how they lived, where they lived and more importantly to me why they made the choices they did. I loved that I found a cousin in England when she read my blog about my cousin Leonard Alexander Thomas - just lovely to make contact. 

On a personal level 2015 will be a challenging year. My aged parents will need to move from independent living to aged care. This will be a difficult transition for my fiercely independent 90 year old mother, thankfully I have a wonderful son to assist in this fraught process. I trust in the angels that all will go well. I also have to face some difficult medical matters for myself - some further orthopedic surgery - in late February early March so I will be laid up and have extra time on my hands to write and research - anyway that's the plan. 

Thanks to all my genie friends and extended family for supporting me during 2014 - I hope to hear from you in 2015 and look forward to reading all your very interesting blogs - they take me on journeys I would never have dreamed about. 

Thank you and Happy New Year.

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