Wednesday, 7 August 2019

DNA journey

I cannot believe that I haven't posted on my blog since 2016. I must have been having too much fun in my life! The most important issue in my family history journey at the moment is DNA. 

I am looking forward to the DNA Downunder seminar in Brisbane on the 14th August thanks to the Unlock the Past crew. The DNA guru Blaine Bettinger from the USA is the main speaker at the seminar & I'm sure my head will be spinning at the end of a very full day. Blaine's new book The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy (Second Edition) has now arrived in Australia, should be a good read as it's updated from the 2016 edition. DNA is certainly a fast-moving affair.

I visited my 96-year-old cousin from the Clarence Valley after last Easter, I administer his DNA kit and found Ray fascinated with the results. Ray's son & daughter were also interested in the DNA. Having already researched the Connor side of Ray's family - as it's also my tree of course - I spent some enjoyable time researching his maternal line. Only to find that Ray has three ancestors who arrived on the Second Fleet. How lucky can he be? Second Fleet. I thought I was the early arrival part of the family, my earliest being Peter McCann who arrived on the 11th January 1800 onboard the Minerva. None of the Connor sides has any convict ancestors that I have found so far, no wonder Ray was as pleased as punch.

Sunday thru Wednesday - Ireland, England & Guernsey

Sunday morning and up at 5 am as I hadn't packed the night before - tired after a Guinness or two! Drive to Shannon Airport took only 25 minutes, but the return of the hire car took another 29 minutes. Very helpful shuttle driver helped with the luggage, and the Aer Lingus check-in went smoothly. Had assistance to the plane and at Heathrow Terminal 2. I was amazed that I didn't go through Immigration at Heathrow.

Friday thru Sunday - Guernsey & Jersey

Friday morning in Guernsey
The tour group were going to Sark for the day and as it is walking only and horse-drawn conveyances I made the sensible decision to stay in St Peter's Post. After a delicious sleep in, I had a pot of tea and set out to explore near the hotel.

From Guernsey to home

Well I intended to blog while I was away and that started well but, as always I got caught up and decided that Facebook was easier while on the move.

So, to give a taste of the six weeks away I will summarise: Jersey was interesting, beautiful in its way but very different to Guernsey and quite expensive. After all, it is a tax haven and lots of bankers, accountants and lawyers abound. We stayed at a great hotel, the Greenhills Country Hotel and I would have liked to relax there for a longer stay.

Custody of the locket

When I collected my mother's things from the coast last week I also gained custody of "the locket". Let me explain about the locket. My 2nd great grandfather Joseph Antoney gave his wife, Elizabeth Hannah Young, the locket on their wedding day in Bowen on the 30th July 1867. Elizabeth Hannah was a Dublin lass and as you will see from the photo the locket has an Irish harp on the front side.

The locket has passed down the generations thru the eldest daughter and is passed on on the death of the current holder. All the female siblings of the eldest daughter have worn the locket on their wedding day as I did and as my daughter-in-law did on her marriage to my son. On my death, the locket will go to my eldest granddaughter, Amy Robyn. The chain holding the locket is one-third of a chain that my great-great-grandmother Elizabeth Hannah, had as a chatelaine.

Mum's 92nd Birthday - 28 May 2016

My mother, Patricia Dorothea McCann, was born in Brisbane on the 28th May 1924 the first child of George Douglas McCann and Dorothy May nee Thomas.

With her mother 1924
Mum and her parents lived with the McCann family at a house known as "Beechdene" which was on the corner of Gregory Terrace and Costin Street, now the entrance of the Royal National Show, the Ekka.