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From Derry to New South Wales

My Connor ancestor came to Australia in 1838 with a Government scheme on board the Susan arriving in New South Wales on 2 February 1839. The family sailed from Derry city on 19 October 1838, from the River Foyle that comes out to the sea from Lough Foyle.

Hugh Connor with his wife Ann (nee Stewart), his sons James, Hugh & William and his daughters Elizabeth and Mary Ann. His eldest son John was also on the ship but as he was 27 years old traveled separately.

Hugh's eldest daughter Martha married John Miller in Ballykelly, County Derry in 1836 and had her first son in Ireland before departure. Martha & John and their son John left Ireland on the Parland and arrived in New South Wales in October 1838.

From Log of Logs Vol. 1 By Ian Nicholson - SUSAN, Two migrant voyages to NSW. The first by a vessel of 557 tons, under Captain Payne or Hayne, Londonderry, 19/10 - Sydney, 1/2.1838

Hugh Connor was my paternal great-great grandfather and his youngest son William my great-grandfather. 

An interesting fact to note in Hugh's immigration record is the religion noted as Protestant is crossed out and Presbyterian inserted. The family were staunchly Presbyterian and considered Protestant to be Church of Ireland.

On arriving in New South Wales the family settled in the Hunter region, outside Maitland, near the village of Hinton. Once the families had settled, two brothers (Hugh & William) married two sisters (Ann & Mary Cameron). William Connor married Mary Cameron on the 19 Jul 1853 at Bartie's Farm near Hinton. They were married by the Rev Robert Blain, a Presbyterian minister and William's brothers James and Hugh were witnesses. It is interesting to note that the three Connor brothers could sign their names while Mary made her mark.

To be continued ...

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