Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sorting Saturday

I have previously declared my conversion from OneNote (goodbye, farewell) to Evernote,  so the time has come for exporting and sorting. By the way I also use Dropbox for file storage.

So my Sorting Saturday post is about going through my OneNote notebooks, seeing what I have sent to them over the last few years, and deciding whether I want or need all of the notebooks.

I believe that it is fairly simple to import notebooks into Evernote and I could just import all the data and then sort it later I guess. But, as this is Sorting Saturday I have decided to sort through and hopefully cull some of the notebooks. I wonder if I will find any forgotten gems among the notes.

Just came across one item that I had forgotten, a 2nd cousin twice removed that had married twice that I knew about and died in 1969 with a third surname. It puzzled me then and now has me scratching my head again. Her second husband did not die until 1974 so she either was divorced or living with the third partner. Her christian names were Henrietta Frances Charlotte and the death certificate details are correct naming her mother as Lily.

Why did I start this sorting? Now I have another puzzle to solve - well it will keep me amused this weekend.


  1. I've managed to export all my OneNote notebooks seamlessly into Evernote - now I just have do more sorting.....

  2. I'm putting more of my files, notes and comments in Evernote today also. I love how this can search the text. Even works with neat hand writing. Fran

    1. Even with my not so neat handwriting :)