Tuesday, 16 December 2014

So this is Christmas - a letter & something for Santa

I am trying to remember writing a letter to Santa in my childhood and know that I did but am finding it hard to remember actually doing it. I know my mother put a stamp on my letter and said that she posted it to Santa at the North Pole. I wonder what she actually did with the letter. 

With my doll Christmas 1955 - Darwin
Well, recently my mother was clearing out some of her things and she came across two of my letters to Santa. These were written in the 1950s and apparently I was very keen to have a 'walking doll' in one of the letters and 'some pretty books & new ribbons' in the other one.

Do you remember walking dolls? They were just the thing in 1955 obviously. My doll was named Katie and I still have her tucked away in one of my cupboards, beautifully wrapped in an old pillowslip and tied with a blue ribbon. 

I carried on the tradition of writing to Santa when my son was small. I also put a stamp on the letter and posted it, under the watchful eye of my son. Don't know what happened to it. Now, of course, Australia Post has a service where you can write to Santa. I'm not sure if people get a reply though.

Official North Pole Mail
Came across this on the web - a site where you can get official Santa Mail. There are some enterprising people aren't there? However it would have been wonderful to receive a letter back from Santa in the 1950s.
Santa on his way
Now to the important bit. Leaving something out for Santa to eat on his journey. My grandfather always wanted a bottle of beer left for Santa. I wonder why! My grandmother on the other hand wanted milk as did my mother. So some years there was beer and the other years milk. There was also a variety of treats left out. Some years it was Christmas cake, others shortbread biscuits. Poor Santa, imagine having to eat Christmas cake all over the world. I can remember one year leaving popcorn because I said that Santa had enough Christmas cake. 

Of course, on Christmas morning there were crumbs and the dregs of the drink left behind just to show that Santa had been and enjoyed his treat. These traditions are wonderful and add to the mystical experience of children a Christmas. How I wish that those times were here again.

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