Sunday, 10 May 2015

Favourite photos of my Mum

Today is Mother's Day, the first without my mother. I was feeling quite sad until I read Randy Seaver's blog post about Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. You might think that's a bit strange but Randy inspired me to think of happy moments I had spent with my Mum. His suggestion of looking through old photos drew me to the albums and boxes of photos and I thought I would share a couple of them.
Boxing Day Picnic c1951

We always went on a Boxing Day picnic when I was young, at a creek that is now submerged under a dam. My grandfather boiled the billy, cooked steak, we had watermelon of course and he cooled the drinks in the creek. Happy memories.

More happy memories, we spent so much time at the beach, my grandparents had a house near the beach at Surfers' Paradise.

I love this one of Mum as well, it's at the front of "Havering" the house at Surfers' Paradise - I think she looks relaxed and happy.

This last photo is Mum ready to go out for the day, taken at my grandparents house in Windsor, c1951, I used this photo on the front of the funeral order of service.

My mother was an beautiful, elegant, reserved woman. A true woman of her era. She always instinctively knew the right way to do everything, and always had everything in its rightful place.

Happy Mothers'Day Mum

Patricia Dorothea 28 May 1924 - 17 March 2015


  1. A lovely way to remember your mother...they never leave our hearts.💖

    1. Thank you ,,,, I know she is an angel watching over me