Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Getting organised

Many thanks to DearMyrtle and her Getting Organised blog. I am attempting to get organised on two fronts; my family history files and resources and the Official Opening & Family History Fair at the Genealogical Society of Queensland (GSQ).

The opening and family history fair happens on Saturday 6 February and is a wonderful - and justifiable excuse - to procrastinate about the organisation of my family history. I promise I will get organised DearMyrtle, I do promise!

GSQ - 25 Stackpole Street, Wishart 4122 -
 Thanks to Geoff Doherty for the picture
As the GSQ Secretary, I have a few things to help get ready for the Fair as you might well imagine. The fair will be in our carpark and as you can see it's open to the weather so I am quietly talking to the 'Weather Gods' about fine conditions for the day - perhaps you might add your requests for good weather? We have however organised marquees etc. so unless it is a complete downpour everything should work out.

A good excuse for procrastination about getting organised? Absolutely. So after the fair in February, I will have no more excuses and will start to sort my family history.

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