Tuesday, 2 February 2016

DNA and all that jozz

DNA & my family tree
DNA and all that jazz - I was trying to think of that old song, All That Jazz, don't know why exactly, just that it seemed to encompass what I was wading through at the time.

After the very successful DNA Special Interest Group at GsQ the other week I should understand more I guess. But and it's a big but, the cousins marrying cousins in my family tree just seem to be there to confuse one. I like to imagine that some of my ancestors were sitting beside a blazing fire and decided that they would keep their family origins hidden. Just in case, you see that a descendant, me, should go poking around.

I think I have the three relevant types of DNA: Y-DNA, Mitochondrial DNA, and Autosomal DNA. Why do I ask didn't I get my mother's DNA before she passed away last March? Would have been a good move but on reflection, I don't believe Mum would have acquiesced. She would have said something like "don't be silly why would you want my DNA, you know I'm your mother". Ever a practical lady my Mum.

So my next chore is to work out which of my surviving cousins I can ask to take a DNA test. Particularly in the Connor and the McCann bloodlines. This will take a bit of working out as I have limited contacts in my generation. I will need to get out my cousins chart to decide who will be the most appropriate to approach with my request for their DNA. Fortunately some of the cousins are interested in family history so wish me good luck and stay tuned for updates.

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