Tuesday, 9 February 2016

TROVE Tuesday - Antoney's Wines cont'd

Following on from last Tuesday's post about the purity of Joseph Antoney's wines I came across further information extolling the benefits pf the wine as ascertained by doctors.  

Joseph advertised his wine in the 1920's as "recommended for invalids as well as a beverage" with a price of 8/6 per bottle or 18/- per gallon. In today's prices that amounts to $29.30 per bottle or $62.06 per gallon. You could purchase quite a good bottle of red today for $29.30, so I guess Joseph's wine was rather good. After all, he had won "highest prizes at Mackay Annual show last two years."

According to my grandmother, Joseph was proud of his winemaking and loved tending his vineyard. I certainly have a love of a good red and am sure that this appreciation has come down the generations from Joseph.

Joseph died on Christmas Eve,  24 December 1923 and had been tending his grapes until about a month before his death. I'm sure some of his wine was drunk in memory of Joseph at his funeral and wake.

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