Friday, 10 April 2015

H is for Hephzibah (#AtoZChallenge)

H is for Hephzibah (#AtoZChallenge)

H is for Hannah (10 of them), Harold (30 of them), Harriet (only 5 of them), Harry (16 of them), Hazel (13 of them), Heather (13 of them as well), Helen (14 of them including me), Henry (very popular 49 of them), Hephzibah (only four of these), Herbert 22 of them), Hilda (only 9), Hilton (only 5), Honor & Hope (two of each), Horace (there is 7), Hugh (20 of them) & Hughina (one only), as well as Huia, Howard, Hope, Holly, Hida, Henrietta, Helena, Hedley, Hector and so on ...

Hephzibah Cable or Hipsea for short is the name of my 4th great-grandmother. Hipsea was born in September 1753 in Hinton St George, Somerset, England, the ninth child of Edward and Ann  Cabell. She married Jonas Thomas on the 28th March 1785 at the All Saints' Church of England, Lopen, Somerset. Hipsea and Jonas had five children, all of whom baptised at the All Saints' Church. She died on the 21st March 1821 and was buried in the All Saints' churchyard.

Hephzibah or Hepzibah (English pronunciation: /ˈhɛpzɪbə/ or /ˈhɛfzɪbə/my delight is in her) is a figure in the Second Book of Kings in the Bible. She was the wife of HezekiahKing of Judah, and the mother of Manasseh. She is in 2 Kings 21:1. "Hephzibah" is also a symbolic name for Zion once it has been restored to the favor of Yahweh in Isaiah 62:4 (Wikipedia).

This post is part of the 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge. My theme is Names: First Names from My Family File. Stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet, and if you'd like to check out the other A to Z participants, simply click here.

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