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N is for Nancy (#AtoZChallenge)

N is for Nancy (#AtoZChallenge)

N is for Nancy - Nancy (Nan) McFarland. Nancy is the second wife of my black-sheep 2nd great-great-uncle - William Nelson McCann - AKA William McCann Neilson. 

Nancy was born in 1856 in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, United States, the daughter of Irwin McFarland, a steel mill entrepreneur. She married William on 4th December 1894 in San Francisco, California. The following appeared in 

The San Fransisco Star of Dec 8:

Wm M Neilson, the well-known journalist was married on Wednesday last to Miss Nan McFarland, daughter of Major McFarland a Pennsylvania iron manufacturer. They will continue to reside in Vacaville, where they own a splendid and valuable ranch. They cannot live longer, more prosperously or more happily than their many friends wish.

By 1896, they were separated. On the 15th September 1896, Nancy files a petition in insolvency stating that she owes $2372 and that she has no available assets. 

This was obviously difficult marriage as Nancy had him arrested for insanity on the 19th March 1897 and taken to the Receiving Hospital in San Francisco. William appeared before a judge three days later and was declared sane.

On the 11th July 1897 William, as assignee of the estate of Nancy Neilson, an insolvent debtor, brings suit against N Neilson, Clara McFarland & Agnes Ellen Brock that Nancy Neilson with intent to defraud her creditors executed a deed for land in Solano.

Nancy was granted a divorce from William on the 6th January 1898 and was allowed $50 per month alimony. 

Nancy seems to disappear after 1898. William is in the 1900 US Census and then disappears. I am still searching  for him ...

This post is part of the 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge. My theme is Names: First Names from My Family File. Stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet, and if you'd like to check out the other A to Z participants, simply click here.

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