Thursday, 8 October 2015

52 Ancestors Week #40 - birthdays in October

The theme for the first week in October is: what ancestor has a birthday in October? So I thought ... I'll just go to my Legacy program and generate a report about birthday's in October. Simple I thought, there won't be many. I already  knew my son, Sean Patrick, was born on the 15th October 1971 in Seymour, Victoria and my favourite maternal grandmother, Dorothy May, was born on the 4th October 1898 in North Eton via Mackay, Queensland. How wrong I was. The report is six A4 pages, ranging from fourteen individuals born in October with no date to lists for each day of the month in October. It must have been the time of year for my ancestors to have children. I will have to think about this a little more.

So, 16 on the 1st, 9 on the 2nd, 8 on the 3rd,11 on the 4th including my grandmother Dorothy May, 10 on the 5th, 6 on the 6th, 9 on the 7th, 11 on the 8th, 13 on the 9th, 12 on the 10th, 6 on the 11th, 7 on the 12th, 7 on the 13th, 11 on the 14th, 12 on the 15th including my son Sean, 9 on the 16th, 11 on the 17th, 11 on the 18th, 7 on the 19th, 13 on the 20th, 13 on the 21st, 15 on the 22nd,  16 on the 23rd, 6 on the 24th, 14 on the 25th, 11 on the 26th, 13 on the 27th, 5 on the 28th, 9 on the 29th, 12 on the 30th and 14 on the 31st - so fairly evenly spread over the month with a grand total of 349 ancestors born in October. 

They are spread over several countries - Australia, in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, the ACT, Tasmania and Western Australia; New Zealand the North and South Islands; England, Middlesex, Northumberland, Somerset, Surrey, Hampshire, Lancashire; Northern Ireland in Londonderry and Armagh; Republic of Ireland in Dublin; Scotland in Argyll; Barbados; Trinidad and Tobago; United States, California, Iowa, Oklahoma and Missouri.

Happy Birthday to all 349 ancestors born in the month of October.

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