Wednesday, 6 April 2016

E is for Elizabeth and Eton Vale #AtoZChallenge2016

E  is for Elizabeth and later Eton Vale.

Elizabeth Antoney - nee YoungElizabeth Hanna Antoney nee Young was my maternal great great grandmother and sister to Mary Jane Walker nee Young. Elizabeth was married to Joseph Antoney and lived on a property “Eton Vale” near North Eton. It was from Elizabeth’s 1921 obituary1 that I discovered the existence of Mary Jane.

I’m sure that Elizabeth must have written to her sister Mary Jane advising her to come out to Queensland as she had been resident here since 1864 and had married Joseph Antoney in Bowen in 1867. She was settled in the Mackay District by the time Mary Jane arrived in 1871 and I’m also sure that she must have delighted in having a sister to share stories of home.

What continues to puzzle me is the lack of mention by my grandmother of Aunt Mary Jane or other members of the Walker family. My grandmother, Dorothy May, often talked about aunts, cousins and in-laws but never a mention of the Walkers. I will have to really put my thinking cap on and try a variety of research opportunities to solve this puzzle. Perhaps a cousin is out there with more information?

Now for Eton Vale ...

Eton Vale was the name of the property selected by Joseph Antoney near the settlement of Eton2 in the Mackay District.

eton name

The Australian Handbook3 published in 1903 describes Eton as:


My grandmother told many a happy story about her grandfather’s farm Eton Vale and about Eton and North Eton where she was born. I must make the effort to travel north and visit some of these places – but in winter definitely.

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  1. I hope you find a cousin that can enlighten you. My grandfather never mentioned his family, and through genealogy I discovered a whole clan we never knew existed, living about 6 hours up the road.

    1. Thanks Dianne - hope a cousin out there reads the p[ost

  2. Visiting from the AtoZ, a fellow Australian family history blogger.

    I guess the families just did not keep in touch :(


    1. I'm enjoying the search Anne - I think perhaps they did connect but for some reason my grandmother never mentioned them

  3. Nice post! I would highly recommend making that trip. Visiting where ancestors lived opens the door to many more stories. I am blogging Ancestors from A to Z for the Challenge. Good luck and drop by for a visit!
    Molly of Molly's Canopy

    1. Thanks Molly - will try and visit next year - but in the winter!

  4. I remember my grandmother mentioning her grandmother only a couple times. Her other grandmother died before she was even born. So that would explain why she never talked about that one. I don't know how well my grandmother even knew her grandmother's sisters and brothers. Under these circumstances, I would not be surprised not to hear about certain family members. Maybe that applies to your case too. At any rate, I hope a cousin comes along soon to solve your mystery.
    Visiting from AtoZ
    Jollett Etc.

  5. Hoping your ancestor hunting finds some cousins for you.