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G is for Georgina and Greenmount #AtoZChallenge2016

G is for Georgina Louisa Walker, my 1st cousin three times removed. 

Georgina Louisa was the youngest of three daughters to Alex and Mary Jane Walker and was born 1st September 1879, in the Mackay  area I am unsure of the exact place of her birth but it probably was in or near Walkerton.

Georgina married Herbert John Porter on the 2nd July 1902 in Queensland, again I am not sure of the exact location – more research needed. Herbert and Georgina had eight children, five girls, and three boys. They lost one daughter, Florence Mary, who was born and died in 1915. I have much more research to do on the Porter family to track the other children.

Georgina was widowed in 1938 and did not remarry. Herbert died in Tully. I don’t know if they were living apart at the time as Georgina was listed as living in Ingham when her daughter died. Georgina is listed in 1922 in Ingham, in 1934 in Tully and in 1949 in Halifax according to the Queensland Commonwealth Electoral Rolls.

Georgina was involved in community activities as were her sisters, Florence, and Frances. 

White Leghorn Hen (Bing Images)
In June 1935, when she was living in Tully, Georgina decorated a wedding cake as noted in the Townsville Daily Bulletin1. Georgina was obviously a woman of many talents as she was mentioned in an N.Q Egg Laying Competition, held by the Townsville Poultry Club for White Leghorns2.  There were several mentions in the ensuing years of prizes in the egg laying competition, she must have loved her hens!

CaptureIn 1945, Georgina was one of the judges for a Hat Show as a Benefit for the Red Cross, see below3:
She was still involved in activities in the local communities until just before her death.

Georgina died in 1957 and was buried in the Walkerston Cemetery.

Now for Greenmount …

Greenmount is both a Parish and a selection. The land administration area has the following: Parish of Greenmount,  County of Carlisle, Mackay Land AgĂ©nt’s District, South Kennedy, Queensland. The Parish of Greenmount is in the Mackay LGA, located at 21°10′S 149°03′E and includes the town of Walkerston. So you see the Parish of Greenmount applies to the extended Walker family as their various properties were within that Parish.

Now for the selection. Greenmount Homestead (five kilometres west of Walkerston) is now one of Mackay's most valued historic attractions.

John Mackay (Wikipedia)
John Mackay, who’s name has been 
immortalised in the town’s name, selected land in 1862 which he named Greenmount. There is a good article in the Daily Mercury dated 21st December 1934 titled “Early Days of Mackay”, you can read the article here.  He did not make a success of the selection and due to financial difficulties, Mackay had to relinquish his selection later that year.  'Greenmount' passed through a number of owners' hands before being bought by A. A. Cook in 1913.

Greenmount had a number of owners and was divided into some smaller parcels. It was later developed by A.A. Cook on the cattle run first taken up by Captain John Mackay and was gifted to the city by the Cook Family in 1984.

Greenmount Homestead (Mackay Regional Council)

The Homestead is open to the public and many cultural and family events are held in the house and grounds if you are in the area it would be interesting to visit. I wonder what John Mackay would think if he was alive today?

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  1. Great post - I am enjoying my visits. I think old John would be happy.

  2. Wonderful post. Particularly like your cousin Georgina. I spent early childhood in a rural setting and this post brings it back to me! Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!

    Molly of Molly's Canopy

    1. I grew up in the city and have often wondered what it would hav been like living in the country - thanks for your comment

    2. I grew up in the city and have often wondered what it would hav been like living in the country - thanks for your comment

  3. I was expecting to read about Greenmount on the Gold Coast but got a nice surprise instead.