Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Q is for the Queries,Quest, and Questions #AtoZChallenge2016

My theme for the AtoZChallenge is exploring the Walker family . Thinking about the family I realised that they were around in Mackay, Queensland in the early days of settlement so I have decided to discover some snippets of early Mackay as it relates to this family and others in my family tree. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Q is for queries, quest, and questions. This is what we as family historians go on, a quest to find new information about our ancestors and we query our findings to validate our finds. I have often lain awake at night thinking about a relative, a brick wall, a new discovery and wondered how I could find out more - that's the quest and the questions.

So when we ask the question - where were they married, for instance, if we find a record that is not in the place we thought it should be, then we query the record to see if there is any other evidence. And, if we are lucky we will find extra evidence. It may be in a newspaper report or a shipping list that places them in that locality. 

It's all part of the fascinating hobby of family history, no wonder I like mystery novels.


  1. From what i read from genimates on social media I think a common tait is a love of mystery novels.

    I'm just reading my first Brunetti suggested by Pauleen aka Cassmob.

  2. Mysteries and genealogy go together! It's our investigative side. Early in the month I questioned whether the A to Z Challenge was a good idea...but now I am totally into in, blogging on Ancestors From A to Z. And queries have been helpful for tracking down obscure genealogy records.
    Molly of Molly's Canopy

  3. I love research for my writing for the same reason, a mystery leads from one thing to another. AND....I love finding new blogs during the #Challenge too. I'm out blog hopping from North Carolina and love what I found here. Easy to read and navigate. Thanks for that. If you have time or interest, my theme this year has been hotels and inns. The research was fascinating, plus my own experience. Congratulations on your blog.

  4. The quest to discover family history is a mystery to be solved. A passion to fulfill. Interesting posts!