Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Fearless females - March 10 - role of religion

The blogging prompt for March 10 is - what role did religion play in your family?

When I was growing up I didn't notice religion much in my family, we went to church, and that was that really. I was baptised Church of England as a baby and when my mother remarried when I was almost 6 I was re-baptised a Catholic. I was then brought up in the Catholic religion and attended Catholic schools.

My maternal grandmother, Dorothy May McCann, was a staunch Church of England member and regularly attended church. Even in her last few years Nan ensured that the Anglican priest visited her regularly at her care home to offer spiritual guidance in her last few years.

My maternal great-grandmother, Catherine Eunice, however, was a Presbyterian of Scottish descent. There couldn't be a more Presbyterian woman. Granny McCann often warned me that playing cards were 'instruments of the devil' and to be careful not to have them in the house. I believe that when Granny McCann's family was young, so my grandfather said, no hot meals were had on Sunday and that the day was spent with bible readings and stories.

I'm glad things changed because I loved going to Granny's house on a Sunday for a wonderful 'hot' lunch with all the trimmings. Do  you have similar memories?

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