Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Fearless Females - March 4 - Mrs George Douglas McCann

The blogging prompt for March 4 - marriage records for your grandparents.

My maternal grandparents George Douglas McCann and Dorothy May Thomas (Nan) were married on the 23rd January 1924 by the Rev James Cosh, Presbyterian Minister, at his residence on Old Sandgate Road,  Albion, Brisbane. 

I have the Certificate of Marriage handed to my grandparents after the marriage. it is noted 518/1924. The certificate was in a tattered envelope addressed as follows:

Mrs George Douglas McCann
23 January 1924
May your happiness be as deep as the sea,
and your sorrows as light as the flying foam.

It was a private ceremony before John Thomas (Jack) Rice and Catherine Olive Ann McCann, my grandfather's sister. Nan told me she had a posy of white daisies from the garden as a bouquet tied with ribbon, perhaps like this one. Nan always liked daisies, she thought they were happy flowers. Perhaps it was because they reminded her of her wedding day.

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