Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Fearless Females - March 5 - Nan & Doug

The blogging prompt for March 5 - How did they meet?

Continuing from yesterday and my maternal grandparent's marriage that is the question - how did they meet? I know this story well, my grandmother often told me how they met.

Nurses at BGH - 1920
Dorothy May
Dorothy May Thomas was nursing at the Brisbane General Hospital and looked after George Douglas McCann, who was in the hospital for a leg injury. Interestingly Dorothy was friends with Pat McCann, Doug's sister, who was a little ahead of her at the hospital.

As Dorothy was from Mackay and had no family in Brisbane, her friend Pat invited her to stay with the McCann family on her day off from the hospital, and romance blossomed between Dorothy May and Doug.  In the picture to the right, taken at the Outpatients Department in 1920, Dorothy is seen on the far right.
So that's the story of how my maternal grandparents met.

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