Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Fearless Females - March 3 - Hephzibah

The blogging prompt for March 3 - list the unique or unusual first name you've come across in your family tree.

Well, apart from all the Mary and Elizabeth first names I have Hephzibah or Hipsea for short. This has been a most useful name when I have been searching as the surname has been Thomas, Cable or Hill so Hephzibah has been helpful. My first is my 4th great-grandmother Hepzibah Cable, then Hephzibah Thomas my 2nd great-great aunt, next Hephzibah Mary Elizabeth Hill my 1st cousin 3 times removed and finally Hephzibah Mary Thomas my second cousin twice removed  - and there you have it.

Where does Hephzibah originate? Hephzibah means "my delight is in her" in Hebrew. She is a queen and the mother of Manasseh in the Old Testament. (Behind the name

Interestingly Hephzibah is also a city in Richmond County, Georgia, USA. As I don't have a picture of my Hephzibah ancestors I thought I would give you an image of the whereabouts of Hephzibah, Georgia in relation to the Eastern United States.

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